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PSP Spin Stool DNA Kit - with and without stabilizer

The PSP® Spin Stool DNA Plus Kit is an integrated system for collection, transportation and storage of stool samples and subsequent DNA purification. Transportation and storage of the stabilized DNA can be carried out in the Stool Collection Tube with DNA Stabilizer without refrigeration at ambient temperature.


PSP® Spin Stool DNA Plus Kit - kit containg also tubes with stool stabilizer

PSP® Spin Stool DNA Kit - kit to use with fresh and frozen samples

PSP® Spin Stool DNA Basic Kit -  kit to be used for DNA extraction from stool stored in DNA stabilizer, the tubes for stabilizing is purchased as a seperate item

PSP Spin Stool DNA Basic Kit - use for samples stored in stool stabilizer, no stabilizer included in the kit

Art nr: 1038120200


50 rxn/Kit


2 271 DKK

PSP Spin Stool DNA Basic Kit

Art nr: 1038120300


250 rxn/Kit


8 692 DKK