Maxwell® CSC 16 Instrument

Nucleic Acid Extraction for IVD and Research Use. Purifies 1–16 samples in a single run. Flexible, multi-functional software with separate RUO mode for performing extractions intended for use in research applications.
  • Place prepared cartridges in the Maxwell® CSC. Press “Start” to purify 1–16 samples using the selected kit’s preprogrammed method.
  • The integrated bar code reader records important information such as sample ID, kit ID and kit lot number.
  • The Maxwell® CSC is a magnetic particle mover, not a liquid handler. It delivers minimal risk of cross-contamination because no liquid handling or splashing happens during processing of the samples

Maxwell® CSC 16 Instrument

Art nr: AS6000


1 St


Outer Dimension (WxDxH) 330.2 × 345.2 × 299.7mm
Målingstid Processing Time: 40–60 minutes (depending on sample type and method)