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CoolCell, 1-2 ml

CoolCell alkohol-fria cellnedfrysningssystem (rymmer 12 rör) för infrysning med -1 ˚C / min för t.ex. primärceller, cellinjer, stamceller.  Ingen alkohol behövs vilket innebär ingen driftskostnad, inget underhåll, ingen variabilitet. Den visar hög reproducerbarhet, identisk frysprofil på -1 ° C / minut varje gång.

There is no pre-cooling, use off the shelf, not cold to the touch when frozen. No stuck lids, easy to open and re-use after five minute thaw period. CoolCells are easily cleaned with aqueous detergents, alcohol, bleach, or acid/base viricides

Good choice for the environment since you eliminate the need for isopropanol otherwise used in this application.

Instruction manual is found under the tab "documentation"

CoolCell (purple) 12 cryo tubes, 1-2 ml

Art nr: BCS-136




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