Epigenetic Services - accelerate your research with the help of our epigenetic experts

Via Active Motif we can offer you a selection of different service options, for example: Histone PTM Quantitation Services – quantify global levels of histone modifications

Active Motif offert to different histone PTM services

  1.  ModSpec® - This is a mass spectrometry based assay that provides relative quantitation of > 80 histone modifications. Mod Spec® is a great starting point if little is known about which histone marks may be changing in your samples.
  2.  Histone PTM Quantitation Assay - This service is a Luminex based assay that can screen multiple samples and up to 13 histone modifications in a single assay. It is great for time point optimizations, dose optimizations, and other experiments that require higher throughput.
  3. RRBS
    Reduced Representation Bisulfite Sequencing (RRBS) is a method that facilitates the identification of differentially methylated regions by providing DNA methylation data at single base pair resolution on greater than 4 million CpGs. More cost effective than Whole Genome Bisulfite Sequencing and with greater coverage than bead array based DNA methylation platforms, RRBS is an ideal platform to profile DNA methylation across samples.

ATAC-Seq – Genome-wide profiles of open chromatin regions from < 100,000 cells

The ATAC-Seq Assay includes:

  •     Cell preparation
  •     Transposase reaction
  •     Library amplification
  •     Sequencing on an lllumina platform
  •     Bioinformatic analysis

A total overview of all options are found in the brochure Epigenetic services.