Webinar: Standards for Microbiome Measurements

NIST is now developling new standards for microbiome measurments that will enable federal, academic and industry labs to reproduce and advance each other's results. These microbiome standards will support research investigations and commercial translation of microbiome science by providing measurement assurance tools, including standardized protocols, refernce materials, validated measurements, and critically evaluated reference data.

Wednesday, November 17, 2021
17:00 hrs (5pm CET) Amsterdam-Paris


In this webinar, you will learn why:
  • There is a bias in every step of the (microbiome) measurement process; from sample collection to data analysis to interpretation and everything in-between
  • All microbiome measurements are inaccurate
  • Microbiome measurements are precise (reproducible) when the methodical variables are standardized
  • Microbiome reference materials are extremely difficult to develop


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