Webinar: Spectroscopy measuring electronics

23rd of April at 10am

Presentation will cover:DetectorExplosion270px.jpg
-    HpGe feedback electronics
-    Preamplifier types
-    Basic analog shaping circuits
-    Ballistic deficit correction and pole zeroing
-    Digitization of analog signals
-    Digital pulse processing
-    Multi-channel analyzers / multi-channel buffers
-    Benefits of digital systems

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Sign up for the webinar: Spectroscopy measuring electronics

Speaker: Felix Diel, Ortec AmetekFelix Diel Ortec Ametek.jpg

"The components and techniques I will talk about will be explained with regard to HpGe detectors. However, in principle they could be applied to almost any other type of radiation detector. So this might even be of interest for alpha or scintillator user"